Sunday, April 17, 2016

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Disseminating and Last Quarter Moon

Monday January 25 The Leo Moon is void of course into the evening. This can bring about a heaviness with the revelations of the full Moon and feelings of not knowing what’s what. Issues can arise over the disintegration of knowns. Illusion-bubbles get popped. Leo’s ability to find self-anew seems weakened. This part of us can over-estimate its reality. Proper insight into this area is lacking. We need to be sensitive to the possibility of overlooking things. We may be more tuned in internally and miss external details. At 2:49 pm, MT, Mercury goes direct, bringing more clarity. At 8:45 pm, the Moon moves into down-to-earth Virgo, and external specifics come into sharp focus. Tuesday January 26 With this Virgo Moon our eyes are drawn to emerging perspectives on whether or not we give our full attention to the inner states of being which generate the accomplishments we are most proud of. To what extent do we express what we have imagined? Today we have the opportunity to direct our emotional forces to come up with ways of creating what we truly want. It is important to distinguish desires inspired by outside influences from those that strongly resonant with internal preferences. Seemingly fated connections can keep us stuck with enduring structures. How do we move into new experiences? Wednesday January 27 This Virgo Moon brings emotional pressure to be liberated from limiting situations. Excitement is churned up by self discovery and the realizations of what is possible. There’s a strong sense of being able to succeed at self-mastery. At 4:54 pm, MT, the Moon enters her disseminating phase. Over the next four days, we can recognize the Moon messages of this cycle about hidden influences in our lives. We may notice how empty our lives are when we’re only tuned into externals and how vibrant they become when fired up from within. The Moon goes void of course at 5:11 pm, until tomorrow morning. While she is sweeping off the orderliness of Virgo, we can be inspired about how to bring our inner and outer activities together for integral living. Thursday January 28 With a voiding Virgo Moon, the early morning seems fuzzy, like being in the dream state. At 7:59 am, MT, the disseminating Moon enters the other-awareness of Libra. This sign can be adept at seeing both sides of an issue. Today we can see the divisions between our views of our external and internal activities. We may be puzzled by how to get them both to serve personal ambitions. Attunement to the heart and its desires can help. Creative collaboration between inner and outer motivations can be found by looking on the bright side of each. Choosing good influences from the past can provide a glimpse of what might be. Friday January 29 With this Libra Moon the choices are clear regarding how to trust hidden influences, especially those coming from one’s psyche. It’s important to draw on inner resources to get one’s rational mind to work things out. Both share in common experiences of the past. Sorting out feelings can clean away fears and break through limitations. At 6:34 pm, MT, the Moon goes void of course until tomorrow night. Elusive concerns can be seen for their concealed grace, and underlying messages fly through thoughts. Listen to MoonWise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 2:00 to 2:30 pm, MT, for the weekend Moon Minute. Weekend January 30 and 31 The Libra Moon is void of course until tonight. While she is clearing off Libra’s sense of equality and balance, our minds may be elevated by inspired viewpoints on how to surpass ourselves. At 8:50 pm, MT, the Moon moves into the intimate world of Scorpio. On Sunday we can extract more truth from our multidimensional psyches. Doubts can be overcome with several a-ha moments. At 8:27 pm, the Moon enters her last quarter phase when we can overcome barriers to being in sync with hidden influences, especially those inner alerts from our intuition. During this phase there’s support and opportunities to reorient ourselves to a multi-level approach to secret messages.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New and Crescent Moon

Monday January 11 This morning with the Aquarius Moon there may be several ways to butt heads with authority figures or be frustrated with old ways. Many minds may be coming up with new ways to go about changing social roles. Listening to others as well as the silent inner chatter responses can help one consider alternate explanations of how people interact. There can be sudden outbursts today, and it’s important to know when to remain silent with one’s independent views. The Moon goes void of course at 6:09 pm, MT, until tomorrow afternoon. During this time it’s easier to tap into the collective mind and promote in one’s own way a more harmonious humanity. Tuesday January 12 The Moon is ridding herself of Aquarius until this afternoon. During this voiding period powerful subconscious thoughts can erupt into our personal consciousness. Some of them may be about how to live an ideal daily live or how to meet one’s highest expectations in a social role. At 4:53 pm, MT, the Moon moves into the intuitive understanding of Pisces. As the Moon’s new phase comes to an end, we can circle in on impulses telling us about our relationship with hidden voices coming from within us. There may seem to be an erratic rhythm to this communication, but its vitality may be more potent than what comes to us externally. Wednesday January 13 The Pisces Moon moves into her crescent phase at 6:06 am, MT. During this phase of the cycle persistent effort is needed to find ways to awaken the inner voices singing about the attention our best selves deserve. It’s time to put every component of our being in order for a more harmonious life. Some people may need a haven in which to re-dedicate themselves to being here wholeheartedly. Faith in our interrelatedness is needed. An objective look at the confines of one’s life can lead to a resolve to quest for other possibilities. And a serious attitude towards relationships can foster questions about one’s individuality. Thursday January 14 With this Pisces Moon new connections to the hidden influences in one’s life can be made by retreating from social engagement and making an honest appraisal of one’s need for public approval versus trust in one’s intuition. The Moon goes void of course at 9:31 am, MT, for ten hours of washing off the vagueness of Pisces. Much self-information can flow through our minds during this time. Some of it reveals self-interests, and some of it focuses on self-awareness regarding the inner voices of wisdom. At 7:48 pm, the Moon moves into the self-focus of Aries. Friday January 15 This Aries Moon offers simple self portraits of one’s inner and outer live. We can dream up ways in which the two interact. If tension between the two is stirred up, let your conscience be your guide with cautious optimism. The resulting, and perhaps surprising, self-realizations call for extreme efforts to discipline oneself. This can produce an awareness of how connected, or not, one’s private life is with how one is in public. How compatible are the two? Is there a hint of hypocrisy when comparing them? Listen to MoonWise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 2:00 to 2:30 pm, MT, for the weekend Moon Minute. Weekend January 16 and 17 The Aries Moon on Saturday brings urges to approach hidden influences in one’s life differently and to re-think how we express integrity. At 4:26 pm, MT, the Moon enters her first quarter phase when we need to actively develop our relationship to our inner wisdom by using imagination to devise ways in which inner voices debate with outer ones. This can be a battle between serenity and strain, testing one’s character. The Moon goes void of course at the beginning of this first quarter phase, putting out Aries’ insatiability for new experiences until 1:48 am, Sunday, when she moves into stabilizing Taurus. Then we can shake off any inertia and figure out how to resolve differences between inner and outer messages.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Balsamic to New Moon

Monday January 4 The Scorpio Moon urges sharing plans to improve interactions in a group. Persuasive powers can be enhanced with this Moon. There’s powerful emotional motivation to be open to new experiences today, and they’ll be more enjoyable if ego-attachments to a social role are left behind. The Scorpio area of one’s life often wants to display only its best attributes, and takes protective measures when vulnerable. Being a bit out of control at this time, however, can be an open doorway to improvement. Scorpio longs for the intimacy and power of fellowship, but it can only be achieved by stripping off pretentious stances and opening up one’s heart to others. Tuesday January 5 This morning the Scorpio Moon offers various insights into the virtues of expressing what one really thinks at a gut level, even if it goes against people’s expectations. With Mercury going retrograde at 6:06 am, MT, it’s beneficial to examine what one knows about social participation and share it. At 10:47 am, the Moon goes void of course for thirteen hours of purging the secrecy of Scorpio. During this time we can advance in self-empowerment by avoiding manipulation and exploitation and by following one’s heart in giving others what they want when possible. At 11:56 pm, the Moon moves into far-reaching Sagittarius. Wednesday January 6 At 12:43 MT, this morning, the Sagittarius Moon entered her balsamic phase when all of one’s past experiences in group endeavors are needed to envision being a part of an ideally creative, productive team. Expanding consciousness on this matter requires examining one’s psychological processes and assumptions which support novel ways of participating with others. It will take dedicated efforts to realize utopian dreams for social interactions. It’s important to consider what is worth pursuing with others and how loyal one can be to a common cause. Good things can happen with the support of a committed bunch of people. Thursday January 7 With this Sagittarius Moon come impulses to decide what one really wants out of the complex processes of social engagement. There can be amazing self-realizations which can inspire one to exit a problem area in which one is victimized by the influence of others. This does not mean abandoning moral obligations. There can still be a commitment to fulfill them but on one’s own terms. Intuition may suggest fresh, more beneficial alternative ways of carrying out promises. At 7:44 pm, MT, the Moon goes void of course until tomorrow morning. While she is clearing off the spiritual aspirations of Sagittarius, Jupiter goes retrograde, suggesting we work at reviewing the beliefs of our personal inner world over the months ahead. Friday January 8 The void of course Sagittarius Moon, during the early morning hours, emphasizes an otherworldly nature and the wisdom of retreating from external engagement. At 8:07 am, MT, the Moon moves into Capricorn and its dedication to what is genuine. There’s encouragement to pursue the hidden psychological factors that motivate involvement in group endeavors. The simple pleasures of social exchanges evoke emotional changes. Images of new social possibilities skip through our minds and send smiles to our faces. Listen to MoonWise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 2:00 to 2:30 pm, MT, for the weekend Moon Minute. Weekend January 9 and 10 Today’s Capricorn Moon presents deep longings for revolutionary, transformative engagement with others. There can be over-extended caring for people. At 6:31 pm, MT, we have a new Moon beginning a cycle about how all of our individual faculties seek to be in harmony with spirit. Our minds want to consume everything and distill spiritual experience. On Sunday at 10:39 am, the Moon goes void of course for almost three hours of hypersensitivity. At 1:23pm, the Moon moves into the intuitive guidance of Aquarius, challenging us to spontaneously act according to our essential nature.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Disseminating and Last Quarter Moon

Monday December 28 With this Leo Moon we can see how much we fire up others to participate in a group activity. We can also recognize emotional constraints which curtail enthusiasm while enlisting others and what it might take to breakthrough such inhibitions. As we’re drawing together realizations about how we maneuver through interactions, we can also start to see where we’re at in the dynamic. This can provide a better understanding of one’s personal role and impact in a joint project. Leo can easily own success, but it can be hard for the Leo part of us to admit to shortcomings, whether personal or belonging to partners. Tuesday December 29 Last night the Leo Moon entered her disseminating phase when there’s a need to celebrate the revelations of this lunation. What we think about personal ego problems can be eased by the overall success of a group process. At 10:38 am, MT, the Moon goes void of course for almost an hour and a half. While Leo’s exuberance is waning, we might be easily swayed by visions of adjusting behavior. At 11:58 am, the Moon moves into the adaptive mode of Virgo. This sign is adept at discerning the skills needed for a specific behavior. The Virgo in us can come up with ways to be more effective in a group and demonstrate them. Wednesday December 30 This Virgo Moon provides settings for expressing feelings about a group’s dynamics. Living up to the social expectations may irritate some individuals’ sense of self-reliance. Some of us may view joint ventures of dealing with life’s difficult chores in a radically different way. The Virgo part of us can offer a thorough analysis of how we participate when working with others, pointing out shortcomings or ways in which we fool ourselves into thinking something is perfect. Some observations may lead to sudden and surprising adjustments. An objective approach to getting one’s social act together might need to be included. Thursday December 31 With this Virgo Moon there is a freshness of caring for everyone and everything. This is triggered by an awareness of the innocence and preciousness of many joint activities. Bonds are strong among peers today. There’s open-mindedness and optimism. Communications can be spontaneous and blunt. One can easily identify with a group yet know that one is ultimately responsible for any actions taken. There can be clarity about the limitations and possibilities of social engagement. At 10:33 pm, MT, the Moon goes void of course for a little over an hour of sweeping off Virgo’s almost flawless focus before moving into collaborative Libra at 11:41 pm. Friday January 1 The Libra Moon brings out the mirror in us, reflecting what others are doing and seeing oneself as a member of the party. Personal choices of possible activities may be sublimated to share in others’ ideas of entertainment. Mercury moves into Aquarius tonight, and we may seek intellectual companionship to talk about humanities current problems. At 10:30 pm, MT, the Moon enters her last quarter phase when our minds may light up with knowledge about the precious ways we participate with people. Happy 2016! Listen to MoonWise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 2:00 to 2:30 pm, MT, for the weekend Moon Minute. Weekend January 2 and 3 The last quarter Libra Moon urges us to work things out in participatory ventures to begin a new stage in how we co-ordinate with others. The Moon is void of course from 9:23 am, MT, until Sunday noon. During this there can be receptivity to suggestions, putting the needs of companions first. Listening to one’s intuition can be very beneficial. On Sunday at 12:36 pm, MT, the Moon moves into Scorpio where there are definite payoffs in joint projects. Mars, the planet of raw energy and motivation, also moved into this sign earlier this morning. This can find us overly involved with other peoples’ lives and going in all directions at once.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gibbous and Full Moon

Monday December 21 The day begins with a deep sensitivity to Mother Nature and a desire to work in harmony with her. More and more these days we are coming to the realization of how much we depend on the earth, and even more than that, are an intimate part of her. At 6:06 pm, MT, the Moon enters her gibbous phase when there’s a strong longing to experience the fullness of life. We may sense a strong determination to push ourselves to fulfill our expectations of what it means to be a cooperative participant in the ongoing sustainment of life as we know it. Understanding what this means for many of us involves big efforts to take on more responsibility. Tuesday December 22 With this Taurus Moon there’s a strong understanding of how important it is to share our most valuable resources. The Moon goes void of course at 7:26 am, MT, for twelve hours. While she is putting away the earthly treasures and beauty of Taurus, we may become sentimental and romanticize many public displays of collaboration and cooperation. In such a case, the Taurus in us runs the risk of inflating the importance of established formalities, and can impose views of how a group gathering should be organized. At 7:31 pm, the Moon moves into the distractions of Gemini, and other views become appealing. Wednesday December 23 This Gemini Moon shows up with information about the dynamics of a joint venture. There may be confusion about who’s supposed to be taking care of certain tasks. Inconsistencies seem to indicate a lack of focus. There are, however, many unusual ways to correct imbalances and avoid unpleasant exchanges. Gemini is full of dualities which bring up clashes, but as maturity is gained so is tolerance. The Gemini in each of us can display openness and honesty and understand the complexity of relationships. No matter how many intrusions of the unexpected, Gemini can be hopeful and look for the bright side of the unknown. Thursday December 24 With this social Gemini Moon there is the challenge of resolving inner tendencies to simply turn one’s back on demanding scenes for easier engagements. Gemini can be impatient with rigid situations, preferring some off-beat fun. Commitments to participate in a group endeavor, however, must be kept, and there’s energy to get through what might be difficult circumstances. The Moon goes void of course at 1:04 pm, MT, for over nine hours of mimicry or being swayed by the influence of colleagues. We might need to give extra attention to details and to what we say to others during this time. At 10:26 pm, the Moon moves into the changeability of Cancer. Friday December 25 The Moon was at her fullest at 4:11 am, MT, bringing revelations about our emotional motivations to journey through life with certain groups of people. Just how sensitive are we to the desires and fears of our comrades? This morning we can feel what bonds us socially. There’s the potential for magic and excitement today as the planet Uranus appears to change to direct motion. And by the end of the day we can sense our personal power to appreciate the sensuous rhythm of the holiday. Merry Christmas! Listen to MoonWise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 2:00 to 2:30 pm, MT, for the weekend Moon Minute. Weekend December 26 and 27 With this Cancer Moon we can easily exchange ideas with fellow earth travelers about how we can demonstrate our responsibility to jointly honor Mother Nature. Things get stirred up this evening, and there can be glimpses of future climate shifts. The Moon goes void of course at 8:36 pm, MT, for seven hours of hard-to-hold-onto emotions. In the early hours of Sunday the Moon moves into generous Leo. There’s a playful aura to this holiday weekend, mostly in the traditional sense of sharing with extended families and seeing things in a multitude of perspectives which integrate physical fun, social pleasantries, and oneness in spirit.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Crescent and First Quarter Moon

Monday December 14 The Moon is in erratic Aquarius. Unpredictable situations arise in which there are benefits if we are willing to put ourselves on the line and try something extraordinary. Details make little sense. They are not as helpful as hunches are today. If something seems like an opportunity, look for openings to take it. At 7:47 pm, MT, the Moon enters her crescent phase, when it’s important to test the intuitive insights received over the weekend about how we can get on a cooperative path with our bio-psychic energies and/or with those people we associate with closely. We may perceive how things ought to be, but what matters is whether we do something about that, or not. Tuesday December 15 With this Aquarius Moon we may choose independence over company. Deciding to be alone today may be a secure way to have a peaceful time. There can be spontaneous eruptions of strife. Going solo can provide the silence conducive to picking up on intuitive flashes or messages from spirit. Find a haven to reflect on recent experiences, especially those which reinforce one’s comfort levels. The Aquarius in each of us can have abrupt inner changes stimulating quantum leaps of inner growth. Ideas fly through minds about future potentialities worth examining. Wednesday December 16 The Aquarius Moon is void of course, pouring off the strangeness of Aquarius. Comfort is found in one’s private space. At 10:45 am, MT, the Moon moves into the labyrinthine world of Pisces. Everywhere we turn feels like we’re locked into familiar surroundings. Daydreaming comes easily. Is it possible to bring order to one’s life in such a state? Sometimes our Pisces part can be locked into a state of permanence and not believe that things can change in that part of our lives. It’s really a matter of beliefs. Once we believe dreams can come true, our Pisces area can be quite malleable, and creativity takes over. Thursday December 17 With this Pisces Moon it’s important to understand the principles required in cooperative projects. It’s time to acknowledge the inner qualities one already has, such as compassion, helpfulness, and kindness. If there is tension in expressing any of these traits, there are many ways available to relieve it. One’s devotion and commitment to collaborate is powerful enough to find solutions. The Pisces Moon can feel her way through most situations and find a response which can be satisfactory. This Moon can pull us, like a tide, into fulfilling any need. There may be some hidden preparations for bringing all of oneself to a joint venture. Friday December 18 The Pisces Moon enters her first quarter phase at 8:14 am, MT. At this point in the cycle we can emotionally realize what can be accomplished in a cooperative venture and take the action needed over the next few days to attain that. At the same time, the Moon goes void of course for a little over six hours of rinsing off the subtle nuances of Pisces. We can be ultra-sensitive towards people in our surroundings. At 2:26 pm, the Moon moves into the freshness of Aries, prompting us to see things in ways that suggest new opportunities. Listen to MoonWise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 2:00 to 2:30 pm, MT, for the weekend Moon Minute. Weekend December 19 and 20 The Aries Moon weaves our actions into a tapestry of cooperation. Our personal raw honesty can ferret out deficiencies which can be overcome. Sudden impulses can lead to rash actions. Going beyond surface appearances can lead to insightful observations about what to do and what not to do. On Sunday we can see some results of our efforts at getting our resources to perform in unison. With some effort and perhaps hyper-stimulation, we can bring together parts of ourselves to implement something, maybe an idea or a plan. We might even project some of our thoughts onto friends.